Bill Oram: Drugs, crime, pass interference?

Portland’s new police chief is a Pac-12 official

October 10, 2023

Live in Portland and have a bone to pick with local law enforcement? You can take it straight to the top, just know that there’s already a line. Dan Lanning, Chip Kelly and football fans from Benton County to Boulder all got there first.

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Why empathetic leadership matters for CEOs

Article on Vistage: The World’s Largest Executive Coaching Organization

September 11, 2023

For Vistage speakers Bob Day and Alicia Kae Miller, who have dedicated their careers to teaching empathetic leadership, it means tangible, positive change for your company, your products and your relationship with your employees. Here’s how you can take an empathy-focused approach to your leadership and start achieving results for both your workplace environment and your bottom line.

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Your Marketing Moment

Bob Day Speaks About the Importance of Empathy and Curiosity

August 24, 2023

Bob Day, former officer with the Portland Police Bureau and Now Keynote Speaker and Consultant, highlights how his professional experience in law enforcement combined with the loss of his son to cancer has uniquely qualified him to work with leaders faced with cultural and societal challenges. He describes his marketing moment occurring while delivering an address on MLK Day during a time of national racial unrest and pandemic restrictions.

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Bob Day Speaking

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