Great storyteller and real life examples on how to grow out of long held beliefs and getting better perspective of problems or situations.

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How do we navigate the complex world of change in our everyday lives? How do we respond when deeply held beliefs are confronted with new information or conflicting ideas? We are tired of the binary conversation of you being either with me or against me and that approach doesn’t appear to be all that effective. Bob uses storytelling, real-life examples, humor, and audience participation that will leave listeners with new pathways to navigate the dissonance that we all experience when our comfort zone becomes a little bit uncomfortable.

Keynote topics

  • Resilience– “Life is difficult.” are the first three words of Dr. Peck’s The Road Less Traveled.  Bob shares practical tools for resilience and perseverance in our personal and professional lives. He speaks from a place of knowing deep personal loss and surviving a 30-year law enforcement career.
  • Hope– We tell our kids to not get their hopes up. Yet hope is intrinsic, we want to be hopeful. We only hope for things that we can not control and we are unsure if they will even happen. Bob understands the power of real hope, not optimism and through the power of storytelling will inspire others to be more active in their lives to create hope for themselves and others.
  • Curiosity– We have lost the art of curiosity. According to Warren Berger in his book The More Beautiful Question, we ask about 40,000 questions between ages 2-5. Today we are fixated on certitude. The need to be right and pick a side has divided us more than ever. Bob uses easy, fun exercises so we can learn about each other and shares life-changing insights on how curiosity can transform outcomes that may have seemed impossible before.
  • Empathy– How do we move from perception to perspective? Is it possible to see the environment and not just the behavior? Bob leads participants on a journey of discovery that puts them in someone else’s shoes. When we can see each other’s humanity, we are better equipped to solve problems and find new ways of communicating with each other.

(this is not a comprehensive keynote list, let’s talk about what you are looking for and see if we can find a match)

Half day presentation

  • Bob walks leaders through a strategy from Humility to Curiosity to Empathy to Hope that will engage and equip participants to better understand their own response to change, how it shows up in others, and how to mitigate the obstacles that prevent us from learning and growing together.
Bob Day Speaking

Good judgement comes from experience, most experience comes from bad judgement.

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