Bob Day was highlight of my Professional Development Conference. His presentation was timely, engaging, and extremely well received by my Chiefs and police executives. Most importantly, his message had takeaways that all police leaders can take back and immediately apply to their organizations. I wish I had heard Bob’s message when I was a police chief, as I have no doubt I would have been a better leader.

Bob approaches his speaking engagements with true authenticity, drawing on his deeply personal journey and career in law enforcement to inspire empathy and healthy discourse. He's a great storyteller who embraces curiosity and encourages his listeners to do the same.

As a consultant to the Portland Police Bureau, I had the opportunity to meet Bob Day relatively early in his police career. From the beginning of our interactions, he impressed me as a someone who over the course of his career would contribute greatly to the law enforcement profession. Over the past three decades he proved my impressions as correct. Bob is an insightful leader that truly understands the issues and challenges facing law enforcement organizations and is in a position to guide organizations through to solutions. In working with law enforcement organizations across the US, Canada and Australia, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful leaders, I consider Bob Day among the best.

Bob at the podium

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